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Peter Beter News Alert 13: ProgressReport

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March 26, 1984

Dear Friends:

It has been two months since we were last able to communicate with you, by way of NewsALERT #12.     In this first Progress Report, we want to bring you up to date on our present status,  give you some preliminary thoughts about what we hope to do later on, and include brief comments about several important recent news events.

First of all, THANK YOU for your understanding and patience!    Without that, there would be no chance at all of resuming the NewsALERT reporting program.     With our financial resources decimated following Dr.  Beter's discontinuance of his tape program in November 1982, we carried on against very heavy odds.     Having at last been forced by financial exhaustion to suspend our informational efforts, making a whole new start is not going to be easy.     But that is what we want to do, and as long as we continue to have your interest and support we will feel a responsibility to you.
A fresh start for NewsALERT is going to take time.     In the interim, we will do our best to keep you informed with occasional progress reports such as this one.

Our Present Status

Tape sales now discontinued.     In NewsALERT #11 we announced that circumstances were making it necessary for us to terminate sales of the cassette tapes which used to be main business of Audio Books, Inc. (publisher of NewsALERT).     In NewsALERT #12, we alerted readers to the fact that we would be able to continue filling orders for tapes only as long as enough orders were received to meet costs, after which we would have no choice but to return any further orders unprocessed.     That point was reached in late February.     We regret that it has been necessary to return a few orders received since then, which arrived too late for processing.     We also regret that under our crisis circumstances, it proved impossible for us to respond to several requests for special-case quotations for non-standard batches of tapes.

In NewsALERT #11 we announced an "open licensing" arrangement intended to insure that the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER tapes will continue to be available.     Even though we have now discontinued tape sales, you may now obtain them from the following sources

Dan Holt  Video    Land on G. Nusz
36841  Row River  Road    1025 Cadillac Way, #212
Cottage Grove,   OR  97424    Burlingame, CA 94010
d_ariholtvideo@gmail. com

Please contact either of these sources directly for information as to prices and so on. NewsALERT is providing these names/addresses as a service only; we have no ties to these tape sources, and therefore can accept no responsibility for any dealings you may have with them.

Change of location.     The circumstances discussed in NewsALERT #12, which dictated a suspension of publication for the time being, have also led to a change in our location.     As most of you know, Audio Books, Inc, is a Texas-based company. In the spring of 1980 we moved our headquarters to the Washington, D6 C„ area. This was done while Dr. Beter was recovering from his near-fatal February 1980 heart attack.     The purpose of the move was to husband our resources, which were very badly depleted by the business impact of Dr. Beter's illness.     The move to Washington with its resultant proximity to Dr.  Beter enabled some cost-cutting and streamlining, which made it possible to resume producing Dr. Beter's tapes when he was ready.

Now the situation is far different.     When Dr.  Beter discontinued his tape reports in November 1982 he permanently severed his ties with Audio Books,  Inc. ,  a fact which we have re-emphasized in the past several issues of NewsALERT at his request. Of course, that eliminated the purpose for which we had moved to Washington four years ago.     In the present circumstances, rebuilding a fresh financial base has become the essential #1 priority for us--and the best way to begin doing that has turned out to be by returning to our Texas roots.

As a result we have vacated the Washington D. C. area completely, and have moved to temporary quarters in the Dallas,  Texas, area.     Until further notice, please send ALL mail to the following address:


11408 Audelia Rd. , #2419 Dallas,  TX 75243

A new beginning.     In NewsALERT #12 we discussed very frankly with you the absolute necessity for our taking a breather to rebuild our financial base from the ground up. The resources with which we started when we began supporting Dr. Beter's efforts over nine years ago have been used up.

The kind of work to which NewsALERT is devoted cannot be financed by seeking a bank loan, because that would render us vulnerable to the very "mammon" forces whose control over America's money system is a fundamental evil requiring exposure. For similar reasons, we cannot support ourselves with a government subsidy or grant, since wrongdoing of the government itself must be highlighted without flinching.     Nor can we operate as a tax-exempt foundation or with foundation support, because the restrictions under which foundations operate render them always vulnerable to devastating reprisals by the government which grants them tax advantages. 

 Finally, any reporting operation like NewsALERT is--as we discovered very conclusively--simply not able to support itself without help during the costly start-up phases. . . perhaps even for the first few years.     Like Dr. Beter's former AUDIO LETTER tape program which was discontinued, NewsALERT will have to have help financially for awhile--perhaps quite awhile — before it can grow to the point where it can be self-sustaining.

Therefore, by necessity, your NewsALERT staff is now engaged primarily in some business ventures intended to raise the capital for a new start.     Only in this way do we feel that we can raise the finances needed to resume the NewsALERT program, without compromising our independence or further burdening you, our readers.

Key Developments in the News

The regular NewsALERT reporting program is based upon continuous, intensive gathering, cross-checking and analysis of information.     Our efforts in this direction are necessarily very limited by comparison under the present circumstances.     No one can do everything at once, and we cannot maintain our normal level of informational analysis while simultaneously laboring to rebuild our essential financial base.

Even so, a skeleton effort is being maintained while NewsALERT publication is sus­pended, in order to track the most key developments as best we can.     Based on this skeleton effort,  our information indicates strongly that the "pause" in events which we discussed in NewsALERT #12 is continuing and being extended.     There are and will be plenty of dramatic and unsettling developments in the news, of course.     But the very dangerous U. S. -Soviet confrontation which was ignited late last summer has been cooled off for the time being.     The single most important key to this turn of events lies in space, which today is the umbrella under which all other U.S. -Soviet military competition takes place.

The Triple Debacle of Space Shuttle #10

Last month on Feb. 3 the Space Shuttle Challenger blasted off from Cape Canaveral. It was supposed to impress the world while quietly bootlegging some secret military hardware into orbit.     Instead,  three successive incredible failures--"accidents, " said NASA--turned much of the flight to a shambles.

When the Shuttle took off last month, it flew into the teeth of a threatening posture by the Russian Space Command.     The Russians are making it clear in various ways that they are increasingly irritated with efforts by the Pentagon to use the Shuttle to sneak military missions into space.     Having established military superiority in space starting in late 1977, the Russians have no intention of giving it up.     The previous Shuttle mission --Shuttle #9, with Spacelab aboard--was strongly influenced by this reality. Originally scheduled to take off last Sept. 30, it was delayed for two months while the Europeans wrung their hands over the serious loss of scientific data which the delay would cause. Supposedly the Shuttle #9/Spacelab mission last fall was delayed for reasons related to the TDRS satellite problem (Interim News Alert #2) and the alleged near-failure of a booster rocket on a Shuttle mission last summer.     The real reason, however, was the 57° orbit planned for Shuttle #9/Spacelab.     That orbit was required in order to give the Europeans the observational data they wanted--but it also carried the Shuttle far north over Soviet territory.     Through private channels, the Russians insisted on ironclad guarantees that no covert spying on Russia would be done during the Spacelab flight.

That guarantee was delivered to the Russians early last November, by way of a news conference in which it was announced that the cameras aboard the Shuttle would not be used over Afghanistan, contrary to earlier plans.     With that and other guarantees, the Russians finally signalled their willingness to let the joint U. S. -European flight take place without interference, which it did early last December.

The Russians did not interfere with the orbital operations of the Shuttle last December,

but they did monitor it closely.     At one point, one of Russia's high-speed jumbo cosmo­spheres buzzed the orbiting Shuttle at close enough range for several of the astronauts to see it.     The startled astronauts radioed Houston to ask what had flashed past their windows.     Houston helpfully replied that it had no idea.     Despite the fact that NORAD continuously keeps track of over 5, 000 orbiting objects in space,  ranging from functioning satellites to useless debris, something unknown--and something big--had had a near miss with the Shuttle.

The Russians intended that false-UFO incident in space last December as a warning. But the warning was not heeded: the American astronauts aboard the joint U. S. -European Shuttle/Spacelab flight last December did make some militarily useful photographs through the overhead windows of the Shuttle's rear deck.     Several were even published later in the aerospace industry magazine, Aviation Week and Space Technology.

The only real hazard faced by the Shuttle/Spacelab flight last December as a conse­quence of its encounter with a jumbo cosmosphere was unintentional.     The powerful electromagnetic field which the cosmosphere uses for levitation and propulsion extends out a long way, and its fringes evidently brushed the Shuttle as it flashed past. This dislodged some microscopic bits of conductive material--tiny manufacturing trash--inside the Shuttle's computers.     When the Shuttle began its descent from orbit to end the mission, two of the five computers aboard malfunctioned, as did a guidance and navigation system.     Just after the Shuttle landed at Edwards Air Force Base, two separate fires also broke out in the tail of the craft, but those appear to be unrelated to the cosmosphere "UFO" incident.

All this was the background which led up to last month's Space Shuttle #10 flight. The Russians were angry over the picture-taking which took place last December in violation of private pledges.    So when Challenger reached orbit on Friday, Feb. 3, the Russian Space Command was on hand.     Not far away but out of view, a jumbo cos­mosphere matched orbits with Challenger and waited.

The first big task of Shuttle #10 was to deploy the Westar VI communications satellite from its cargo bay.     After drifting away from the Shuttle, a rocket booster called a PAM-D was supposedly set to push the satellite up to a stationary equatorial orbit, 22,300 miles above the Galapagos Islands.     But that is also the neighborhood where Russia's ballistic missile early warning satellites are parked (Interim News Alert #2), watching American missile bases for any sign of a first strike.     As the satellite and its rocket booster climbed away from the Shuttle, the cosmosphere kept pace with it and closed in.     Perhaps 500 miles above the Shuttle and far out of sight, the cosmosphere used its particle beam weapon to punch a hole through the rocket booster.     The rocket flame flickered out in the vacuum of space, and the cosmosphere then closed in and took the satellite-and-rocket assembly into its cargo bay for inspection.

For several hours, Western Union (the satellite's owner), NASA and NORAD searched in vain for the satellite.     It had simply disappeared.     Jumbo cosmospheres are not detectable in orbit by ordinary radar, so as long as the Westar VI satellite assembly remained inside the cosmosphere cargo bay it was undetectable.

The cosmosphere crew discovered that the Westar VI satellite/rocket assembly was not quite as advertised.     Both the satellite and the rocket booster were specially lightenec and the booster was not a standard PAM-D but a higher-performance modification. In the area between satellite and booster was a small cluster of anti-satellite (ASAT) war­heads.     It was a modified version of the TDRS satellite charade of last April, 1983 (Interim News Alert #2).     This time, the idea was for the ASAT warheads to ride piggyback aboard a civilian communications satellite and sit there indefinitely until needed.     Then, at a push of a button, the U. S. Pentagon would have been able to blast nearby Russian early-warning satellites.    This is a capability badly wanted by the new U.S. Bolsheviks, who want to twist America's defensive nuclear might into an offensive, nuclear first strike posture.

The cosmosphere crew disabled the satellite/rocket booster/ASAT combination and then dumped it in a useless, low-looping orbit ranging from about 190 to 760 nautical miles above the earth.     NORAD then found it,  and NASA announced that alas, the Westar VI satellite had gone astray.

Two days later the Challenger Space Shuttle crew began the deployment of an aluminum-coated balloon for use as a rendezvous target in practice space maneuvers. No problem was expected with the balloon: ever since the days of the Echo I satellite a quarter-century ago, balloons have been about the simplest and most foolproof devices that can be placed in orbit.     But as the balloon drifted outward from Challenger's cargo bay and began to inflate on Feb. 5, it exploded violently--"just like a stick of dynamite, " said astronaut Robert L. Stewart.

The balloon explosion was mystifying to many, but for certain members of the military Space Shuttle team it was a chillingly clear message from Moscow.     The violent blast of the unassuming balloon had been caused by a burst from the particle beam weapon of a Russian jumbo cosmosphere shadowing the Shuttle.

The next day a second communications satellite was scheduled to be launched from the Shuttle--the Palapa-B satellite for Indonesia.     It suffered the same fate as the Westar VI three days earlier.     It turned out to be nothing more than advertised--a civilian com­munications satellite with a PAM-D booster.     But the Russians were taking no chances, so it ended up like the Westar VI,  stranded in a useless orbit after hours of invisibility to all American tracking efforts.

Now, as usual, NASA is trying to cover its tracks by trying to devise some plausible excuse for the two-in-a-row failures of the PAM-D booster.     That isn't easy,  since the PAM-D had established a record of very high reliability: all 16 previous launches using that booster had been flawless.     But of course, NASA dares not tell the truth.

The failure of the effort to place covert ASAT warheads in space aboard the Westar VI satellite has once again thrown the Pentagon's space weaponry plans into a cocked hat. With the ASAT's in place over the Galapagos Islands, a Shuttle launch had been scheduled for July 14 to place a secret Defense Department payload in orbit.     The payload was to be a new Attack Confirmation Sensor, in preparation for a possible nuclear confrontation with Russia to follow the re-election of Ronald Reagan as President.     But now the July launch has been scrubbed.     It's "back to the drawing boards" for the Bolshevik war planners in the Pentagon.

The Collapse of the Lebanon "Vietnam" Plan

The joint U„ S0 -Israeli plans to turn Lebanon into a "Vietnam" for America (News­ALERT #4) were part of a master plan for direct confrontation between the U0 S. and the USSRc     The master plan started being undone (for the time being) on Feb. 3, when the "Westar VI satellite was intercepted and disabled in space.     Immediately, the Lebanon aspect of the master plan started coming apart as well.     That same weekend, Moslem members of the Gemayel cabinet led the cabinet as a whole to resign.     This was brought about by Syria, acting on advice from Moscow that the moment to act had arrived.

By the afternoon of Feb. 6, the trio of stunning "failures" of Space Shuttle #10 had made it clear that the Pentagon's military space planning for the next few months was badly flawed.     At the same time, U. S. control of events in Lebanon was coming unglued, and the master strategy of which Lebanon was a part had been upset by the military developments in space.     On Feb. 7, President Reagan made headlines by announcing that U. S. combat troops would be pulled out of Lebanon.     It was a stunning turnabout: only 5 days earlier he had insisted to the Wall Street Journal: "If we get out, that means the end of Lebanon. "    But that had been a day before Space Shuttle #10 blasted off into the teeth of the Russian Space Command.

On Feb.  10, the U. S. presence in Lebanon in force prematurely came to an end in Vietnam-like fashion, as U. S. civilians were evacuated from a disintegrating Beirut. Nearly a thousand persons were evacuated, and there were countless scenes of people running frantically to helicopters as they had done a decade earlier in Saigon.   On Feb. 25, as the Marines themselves began pulling out, the Reagan Administration announced that it had placed its policies toward Lebanon on "hold" for the time being.     And so it has.     Until the Bolsheviks here can sort out what hit them and devise a new strategy, just about everything is on "hold. "

The Announced Death of Russia's Yuri Andropov

With the Pentagon's machinations in space and in Lebanon thrown off stride for the moment, the Kremlin at last obtained the breather desired for the belated announcement of the death of Yuri Andropov*     For more than 3 months following his unexpected death on Nov. 5 (NewsALERT #8), the fiction of his continued leadership had been maintained in order to avoid an appearance of vulnerability.     But there was a deadline: the March 4 elections for the Supreme Soviet called absolutely for Andropov to make a prior public appearance.     With the Reagan Administration reeling from the setbacks in space and in Lebanon, the belated announcement of Andropov's death was made on Feb. 10.

The new nominal Russian leader, 73-year-*old Konstantin Chernenko, is well enough known to look credible, but he is only a transitional figurehead.     He is the least powerful of a troika (trio) now leading Russia.     The other two are Grigory Romanov and--most powerful and youngest of all--Mikhail Gorbachev.     Gorbachev, Andropov's hand-picked protege, has succeeded in replacing about 1/3 of the key regional leaders needed to carry out the next phase of the anti-Bolshevik purge in Russia (NewsALERT #8), and his power is growing fast.

IN SUMMARY--Our Lord Jesus Christ is giving us all a pause for now, a respite from the imminence of grave threats.     Your NewsALERT staff will try to use this time wisely, to prepare to resume serving you when He makes it possible.     Meanwhile, thanks for your continued patience, and may Godbless you.

Peter Beter News Alert 13: ProgressReport
Peter Beter News Alert 13: ProgressReport

Peter Beter News Alert 12: Key Trends and Events to Watch

Number 12  - January 20, 1984


Perspective: A Pause

As events take a pause, so must NewsALERT.

Key Trends and Events to Watch

Arms Control and the "Thaw" That Isn't:   While cooled Reagan rhetoric promotes fleeting rumors of a U.S.-Soviet thaw,  charges of Russian arms cheating help prevent it.

Calm Before the Storm in Lebanon and the Middle East: The pause in U. S.  confrontation with Syria caused by Jesse Jackson is ending to insure the Marines stay in Lebanon.

A Pause Before Upping the Stakes in Nicaragua: The shoot-down of a U. S. helicopter foreshadows events to come.

Politics: Reagan and "Debategate": The Debate gate ploy in the White House power struggle has been de-fused for now, but could re-emerge in the spring.

The U.S. Military Challenge to Russia in Space: Space station plans illustrate America's lag behind Russia.

Announcement: A Pause in the Publication of NewsALERT Notice 
Concerning Dr. Beter

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Perspective: A Pause

Nearly a year ago in March 1983, the first "Interim News Alert" was released by Audio Books Inc.    It was a complimen­tary service for those who were standing by us as we worked to rebuild a new reporting service after cessation of the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER tape report program.

After releasing four of those "Interim News Alert" bulletins through June 1983, we inaugurated the present NewsALERT series last summer.     We were still working under difficult cir­cumstances, but as we said then, we believed it was important to get underway fast—because events were speeding up. That was certainly borne out by events:   within weeks after News-ALERT began publication, America and the world were rocked by a rapid-fire chain of major shocks.     These included the Korean airliner shoot-down over supersensitive Soviet territory . . . the Beirut massacre of U. S. Marines. . . the beginning of a partly visible,  partly secret new Soviet-American missile cri­sis. . . the total collapse of arms control negotiations. . . steadily deepening U. S.  entanglement in the new "Vietnam" of Lebanon . . . the invasion of Grenada. . . Soviet weatherwar attacks rang­ing from Hurricane Alicia last summer to the "Siberia Express" deepfreeze of December and again this past week. . . and more. We have reported on all of these in the pages of NewsALERT.

Now NewsALERT faces the absolute necessity of pausing for some period of time, as we will explain in detail further on in this issue.     Providentially,  this unavoidable pause by News-ALERT comes at a moment when there is also something of a pause in the breakneck pace of events.     That pause will not last long: we are teetering on the brink of sudden, major new surprises which could happen in some areas almost anytime. But if we must interrupt publication for a time--and we must--then the present moment is probably the best we could hope for.

Since we will have to be silent for awhile, we feel that it is especially important to do some looking ahead in this issue. It is not possible to go into much detail in the short space avail­able.    Even so, we do want to alert you to some of the more key things to watch in the days ahead.     Forewarned is fore­armed.     We want you to be forearmed as well as possible for the assaults of danger and deception that lie ahead.

Key Trends and Events to Watch

Arms Control and the "Thaw" That Isn't

A few days ago on Monday, Jan. 16, President Reagan gave an internationally televised speech designed to calm growing fears here and abroad over U. S. -Soviet tensions. It has been ballyhooed as the centerpiece of a supposed big new U.S. push for better relations with Russia, mainly by leaving out any new inflammatory rhetoric. There has been a flurry of stories of an impending "thaw" in U. S. -Soviet relations, as if such a de­velopment can just magically happen overnight.     Not true.

The tone of the Reagan speech was one thing, its substance something else again.     After three years of using everything short of swear words in speeches against the Kremlin, the Jan. 16 speech sounded conciliatory by comparison.     There were nice phrases about the need to "seize the opportunities for peace" and the assurance that "We seek genuine cooperation. We seek progress for peace. "    Platitudes like these have been seized upon by some as a hopeful sign,  simply because they have been so lacking up to now.     But the more concrete state­ments in the speech were not those in favor of negotiation or arms control, but those designed to justify continued massive emphasis on military power.

Reagan gave lip service to arms control in ways designed to sound encouraging to the unwary.     However, those statements were riddled with evasions and deceptions.     An example was his statement that ". . . the simple truth is, America's total nuc­lear stockpile has declined" compared to 20 years ago. Sorry, Mr. Reagan, that's just a little too simple.     That statement is worded so as to obscure the fact that the low point occurred several years ago.    Under the Reagan Administration, Ameri­ca's nuclear stockpile is growing in both numbers and total de­structive power--not shrinking, as Reagan seemed to say. As usual, our actor President reads the script convincingly, but he either does not know or does not care how misleading it is.

Two days after the Reagan "conciliatory" speech, so-called, Secretary of State George Shultz met in Stockholm with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko.     A revival of the MBFR (Mutual and Balanced Force Reduction) talks in Europe may

result from that meeting: both the U. S. and USSR would gain in terms of world opinion by resuming those talks.     But those ne­gotiations have to do with conventional forces only--not nuclear weapons.     Both sets of nuclear talks (START and INF) remain in limbo.

And the Bolshevized Reagan Administration is determined to make sure they stay that way.     In NewsALERT #3 we reported on the plan to use allegations of Soviet arms-control cheating as the clincher to finish off any hope of reviving arms control talks after they collapsed.     At that time,  the process of col­lapse was being set in motion, thanks to the Korean airliner disaster arranged by the Korean CIA for its U. S. counterpart. Now, with the collapse of arms control talks an accomplished fact, the "Russians are cheating" part of the strategy is emerg­ing right on schedule.

On Jan.  13, the Friday before Reagan's supposedly concilia­tory speech for a foreign policy "thaw, " reporters were briefed on a report which is to be in the hands of Congress when it re­convenes on Jan. 23.     The report describes what are alleged to be probable or possible Soviet violations in seven areas on past arms-control treaties.    Administration officials claim it is only "coincidence" that the report is emerging at this precise moment, when there is pressure to re-start arms negotiations. But Reagan referred to it in his Jan.  16 speech, quietly laying a trap for use later on if necessary against those who may try to force a resumption of nuclear arms talks.
The Administration's report to Congress on possible Soviet arms cheating is being kept classified.

The excuse for this given publicly is that this is to minimize public exposure which might undermine efforts to improve relations with Russia. The real reason is quite different: the report is so flimsy in its con­clusions that it might be torn to shreds if exposed to open pub­lic scrutiny.    Four of the seven alleged violations actually de­scribe only "probable" or "possible" violations which cannot be proven, despite intensive efforts to interpret the data that way. Moreover, three of these four have to do with treaties which technically do not exist--the expired SALT I or the SALT II treaty which the U.S. did not ratify after Russia agreed to it.

The most sensational of the seven alleged violations is also
the one which is most vulnerable to being totally exploded if exposed to public scrutiny.     This is the charge, made very loudly by the Reagan Administration and angrily denied by the Kremlin, that Soviet forces are using "yellow rain" in South­east Asia.     Yellow rain is claimed to be a particularly ghastly and inhuman form of chemical warfare.

The Soviet Union does possess very advanced chemical war­fare capabilities, including at least five divisions of troops fully trained in such warfare.     The "yellow rain" story, how­ever, is a hoax.     There are all kinds of stories about the yel­low rain being delivered by everything from overflying aircraft to artillery shells and rockets.     There are said to have been over 100 such attacks, and yet not a single scrap of chemical warfare ordnance (shell casings and the like) has ever been found.

Worse yet, Australian and British scientists who were given alleged yellow rain samples by the U.S. State Department discovered that the samples were fakes.   There is also a grow­ing body of scientific evidence that tricothecene mycotoxins (the active ingredient in the alleged yellow rain) may be a natu­rally occurring health hazard over wide areas of Southeast Asia in connection with honey bee droppings on foliage.     In fact, the first "yellow rain"-like charges turn out to have been made 20 years ago in 1964: they were made in the U. N. Security Council by Cambodia, not against Russia, but against the United States. Then as now, naturally occurring toxins may have been at fault.

There are many more problems with the "yellow rain" story than we can cover here. But the bottom line is that the Reagan Administration could have those charges blow up in its face if it is not careful. Other aspects of the charges of Soviet cheating could also backfire or be anti-climactic if opened up fully to public examination. So. . . better to keep it all classified and pretend to have a stronger case than really exists.

The optimism about a supposed U.S. -Soviet thaw has been whipped up lately by the Reagan Administration for two reasons. Partly it is a reaction to the beating which was administered by Soviet "Siberia Express" weather control in December (News­ALERT #11) and again, as a brief reminder, this past week. However, it is aimed even more at de-fusing opposition to Rea­gan policies in America and Europe.     There is a pause only in the visibility of superpower tensions.    There is no true "thaw. "

Calm Before the Storm in Lebanon and the Middle East

The joint plans of the present government of the U. S. and Israel for a "Vietnam" plan to partition Lebanon (NewsALERT #4, 6, 9) continues on track.     There has been a brief pause in progress of that plan, due to Jesse Jackson's wild-card success in getting Syria to release captured Navy flier, Robert Goodman. Jackson broke the rhythm of the joint U. S. - Israeli steps which were underway toward setting up a direct U. S. -Syria confronta­tion (NewsALERT #11).     Reagan had no choice but to talk peace for awhile until everyone forgot about Jackson and Goodman.

Now the game plan is getting back in gear. In NewsALERT #10 we alerted you to watch for new fireworks concerning Leb­anon in late January--that is, now. We reported that there would be new pressures to withdraw the Marines from Lebanon as soon as Congress reconvened, which it will on Jan. 23. To stave off those pressures, we said to watch for supposed new provocations around this time,  allegedly involving Syria.

The key to creating new pretexts for U. S. action in Lebanon is the extensive infiltration of Middle East terrorist groups-including the so-called Khomeini government of Iran—by the Israeli Mossad (NewsALERT #6, 7).     Thanks to the now openly acknowledged strategic cooperation between the "Reagan" gov­ernment and that of ex-Mossad agent Shamir (NewsALERT #9), terrorist actions to provide the excuse for U. S. responses can be set off almost at will.
Two days ago Dr.  Malcolm Kerr,  President of the American University of Beirut was shot dead in his campus office building. A shadowy, supposedly pro-Iranian group called "Islamic Jihad" claimed credit, as it did for the Marine barracks bombing last October.     Reagan immediately said his death "must strengthen our resolve not to give in to terrorists" (meaning: don't pull out),
Now--just today, Jan.  20--the Pentagon has announced that U. S. Navy ships off Lebanon and in and near the Persian Gulf are on high alert against possible kamikaze air attacks. The threat is said to be so grave that American "first strikes" at terrorist bases are contemplated.    As always, any such strike would be excused as necessary "to protect American lives. " But it would serve to involve the. U.S.  even deeper, thereby
thwarting popular pressure —expressed through Congress — for a pullout of our forces.

The interlinking of Middle Eastern trouble spots (News­ALERT #10) is gradually setting the stage for a massive con­flagration later on.     With Lebanon as the battleground, both Syria and Iran are being drawn closer and closer to center stage.    Syria is a Soviet client state and Iran is strategically located on the Soviet border.     Thus,  the joint U.S. -Israeli strategy to build from Lebanon toward confrontation with the Soviet Union is making relentless progress.
Very dramatic events may well take place in the coming weeks as regards Lebanon.     Whatever is necessary in order to preserve continued American military involvement there can be expected to happen.     Should pressures to pull out of Leba­non appear to be on the brink of success at some point,  that is when we can expect some new disaster to prevent it. When there are cries of "Peace! Peace!" it is always followed these days by sudden destruction.     It is the calm before the storm.

A Pause Before Upping the Stakes in Nicaragua

On Jan.  11 an American OH58 light observation helicopter was shot down and the pilot killed in Honduras,  less than 100 yards from the Nicaraguan border.     The Nicaraguans claim that it had been flying over Nicaraguan airspace and fled back across the border just before going down under fire.
The Nicaraguan account was confirmed the next day by five Honduran soldiers who witnessed the incident.    And just two days ago, Jan.  18, no less than the Honduran military comman­der of that region,  Col.  Danilo Ferrara,  gave reporters docu­mentary proof of having received notification three days ahead of time that the helicopter would pass through that area.

By contrast, the U.S. has produced no witnesses to contra­dict any of these things.     Instead, American spokesmen just keep saying that the helicopter was supposed to be 25-30 miles away from where it crashed. . . that maybe it was "blown off course" (a silly charge,  since the OH58 cruises at 100 mph). . . that it did not cross the border, no matter what all those wit­nesses among our Honduran allies say. . . and that in any case,

it was all the pilot's fault that he got so close to the border. A "reckless and unprovoked" attack screams the State Dept.

The furor over the downed helicopter will pass, but it points out where events are heading.    Under cover of the huge Big Pine II military exercises in Honduras, U.S. forces are pre­paring for operational military actions to come.    Even now, selected operations are taking place in support of the CIA-con­trolled guerilla forces which operate in Nicaragua from bases in Honduras.
Big Pine II is supposed to wind down next month, but that will only be a pause.    New and even bigger exercises are al­ready scheduled to begin in June,  setting the stage for possible direct action against Nicaragua.     Like the ill-fated Bishop gov­ernment in Grenada a year ago, the Sandinista regime in Nica­ragua has made repeated overtures to the United States, all of which have been rebuffed.     After a pause, new "unprovoked" incidents like the Jan.  11 downing of a helicopter can always be arranged.     It is only a matter of time.

Politics:   Reagan and "Debategate"

In the struggle for control of the White House, the "Debate-gate" controversy over Reagan's possession of Carter briefing papers in 1980 is still a ticking time bomb.     It is designed to have its greatest impact after Reagan becomes an officially an­nounced candidate for re-election (NewsALERT #1). Reagan repeatedly postponed his announcement schedule, and the public hearings on Debategate have likewise been postponed again and again.
Now Reagan's announcement of candidacy is firmly planned for Jan. 29.    Public hearings on Debategate were scheduled to begin just before that on Jan. 26, but have now been cancelled altogether.     That is a victory for the new U. S. Bolsheviks, who do not want their "Reagan" applecart upset in any way. This is the outcome, at least for now, of the White House in­fighting of recent months in which opposing factions have whip­ped up demands for lie detector tests of each other.

Now there will be a pause in the infighting as both sides re­group.    Debategate may yet re-emerge in the spring.

The U.S.  Military Challenge to Russia in Space

When President Reagan delivers his State of the Union ad­dress next week on Jan.  25, he reportedly will propose building a permanently manned space station.   According to NASA stud­ies, it would be flown into orbit in pieces aboard the Space Shut­tle and assembled there.

The Pentagon and the CIA are pretending to be against the NASA space station project, saying it will detract from their own programs.     In reality, however, they want the project to go forward.     Ever since the surprise military takeover of space by Russia in late 1977 (AL#26 on), American military moves in space have had to hide as much as possible behind the skirts of nominally civilian projects with high visibility. Mili­tary payloads secretly bootlegged aboard supposedly nonmilitary Space Shuttle flights are presently a prime example of this.

The biggest blow delivered so far to Russia's now-dominant space program took place last Sept.  27.     It was the sixth anni­versary of the secret Battle of the Harvest Moon (AL#26) which broke America's military control of space.     The Russians had a space spectacular ready to go: a double launch of manned spacecraft to rendezvous with the Salyut 7 space station. One crew of two men was to relieve the two-man crew already occu­pying the station. 

The other crew of three--two men and a woman--were additionally to visit the station for a few days and then return to earth.     But the rocket carrying the two-man crew exploded on the pad.     The cosmonauts were saved by an emergency escape system that lifted their Soyuz capsule away from the exploding rocket, but the other launch was cancelled. The circumstances strongly suggested sabotage.

This episode led a few weeks later to the Salyut crew return­ing to earth without being replaced by a relief crew.     It was a setback as regards some long-term experiments which were underway.     Even so, the U.S.  remains far, far behind in a stern chase to catch the Russians in permanently occupying space.    For example, the Reagan space station would reach orbit in 1991, with luck.     Meanwhile,  a new monster rocket is being prepared on a Soviet launch pad already which is meant to orbit a much larger space station all at once.     The pause due to the September disaster has gained the U.S.  very little.

Announcement: A Pause in the Publication of NewsALERT

With this issue the publication of NewsALERT must be inter­rupted due to circumstances beyond our control.

Over the past nine years plus, we at Audio Books Inc. (pub­lisher of NewsALERT) have tried very hard never to fail you. A number of times over the years we have had to risk all of our limited resources in order to overcome obstacles placed in our path.    Each time until now, this all-out effort has always been rewarded by success in getting past those obstacles. Efforts to silence our reporting program have been thwarted by the grace of God, and we have been able to continue serving you.

This time, however, it has not turned out that way. When Dr. Beter's "Audio Letter" tape reporting program came to an abrupt end in November 1982, we were faced once again with a do-or-die situation like those we had confronted before. We have responded in the same way as in the past, but this time our depleted resources have not survived the challenge. We have reached the point of exhaustion,  not only financially but also otherwise.     The only hope for successfully renewing and sustaining service to you now is to call a complete halt so that we can rebuild from the ground up.
As discouraging as this predicament is, we also feel that it could be a blessing in disguise.

For some time now, we have been laboring under financial constraints so severe that it has fundamentally hampered our ability to serve you properly.     All of our original subscribers will be aware of this already, having received a confidential letter about it early last fall.   Quite a few people responded to that letter by generously sending donations that gave us an im­portant boost.     We were encouraged to press on, but our vul­nerability—while reduced somewhat--was far from eliminated. Traditionally the holiday season is the most difficult of the year for us, and during the holidays just past unusually severe dis­tractions and pressures helped to reduce NewsALERT to a pre­carious condition.     Two weeks ago in NewsALERT #11 we announced a retrenchment, in the form of a phaseout of the tapes which we formerly produced.

We also announced an open licensing arrangement in hopes of insuring continued availability of Dr.  Beter's "Audio Letter" tapes indefinitely, no matter what happens to Audio Books Inc. or NewsALERT. But it is too little, too late to help NewsALERT continue pub­lishing right now.

Instead of continuing to hobble along this way,  perhaps it is for the best that we are now forced to stop and take a breather. What we now hope to do is to reorganize on a firmer foundation that will enable a fresh start with renewed vitality and stability for the long pull.

Whether that hope can be realized will depend very much on you, our readers.    What we need most from you is time--probably several months at best.   We know that this is a lot to ask for, especially since at this particular moment we are in no position to give you any specific promises or timetables. We can do only what our Lord Jesus Christ enables us to do, as He enables us to do it.     To go beyond that right now and say that we expect to do such-and-such by so-and-so date might be reassuring to some, but it would not be honest.     We would rather level with you and throw ourselves on your mercy.

What we are asking is that you simply let your subscription "ride" for now.    We are keeping track of the exact status of each and every subscription.    If as we hope NewsALERT can resume publication on a firmer foundation later on, your sub­scription will automatically resume at the earliest possible moment, and you will receive all the issues you paid for.

By asking you to do this, we are quite frankly asking you to accept a risk--the risk that our efforts to make a fresh start might not succeed.     To those who may have just recently sub­scribed, especially, it may seem that in doing this we are ask­ing too much.     We dare to ask it only because for nearly a decade we ourselves have been risking everything we have.

We who founded Audio Books Inc. in 1974 were a small group of people in Fort Worth,  Texas,     We first became aware of Dr. Peter Beter   in the same way as many of you, through his then-frequent appearances on radio talk shows.     We reacted at first with incredulity to some of his behind-the-scenes reports, but the more we watched events and the more we investigated what he said, the more impressed we became.

We checked out certain of Dr. Beter's charges through our U.S. Senator and Con­gressman, and were shocked to catch the U, S. Government in lies which we could prove ourselves.    Finally, when President Nixon was ousted and Nelson Rockefeller nominated for Vice President, we decided it was time to act: Dr. Beter had made public the plans for the exact events which finally took place, months ahead of time.

After meeting Dr. Beter and investigating further, we found­ed Audio Books Inc. to provide an avenue free of censorship or interference for Dr. Beter's reports.     It was necessary for years to subsidize the tape program with our own funds,  but we believed that was justified.     The stakes of this kind of work go beyond dollars and cents: they involve the future that we will leave to our children.     That was our attitude as we worked closely with Dr. Beter for 8 years.     It is still our view now.

We will continue processing orders for tapes and Reference Digest photocopies until sales drop too low to meet costs; after that, we will have to return orders unprocessed.     We plan to send you progress reports periodically as we work to reorgan­ize.     Meanwhile, we hope we will have your prayers and con­tinued moral support.

Notice Concerning Dr. Beter

In November 1982 Dr. Peter Beter terminated his AUDIO LETTER tape program and his association with Audio Books, Inc. , for health reasons.     Copies of Dr. Beter's letter dated Nov. 16,  1982, were sent at that time to all AUDIO LETTER subscribers, but a few current NewsALERT subscribers may not have received a copy.    To insure that there is no confusion in anyone's mind, Dr. Beter has requested that we print in four issues of NewsALERT the following, which we are glad to do:

Dr.  Beter is not associated with NewsALERT in any way.

NewsALERT is published 24 times per year by Audio Books, Inc., P. 0. Box 276, . Savage, MD    20763.     Audio Books, Inc., formerly produced the tape reports of Dr. Peter Beter, but Dr.  Beter is not associated with NewsALERT in any way. Subscription rates:    $45.00/year in U. S. A. & Canada, $70.00/year other countries. Outside U. S. A. please remit by international money order in U.S. dollars.

Peter Beter News Alert 12: Key Trends and Events to Watch

Peter Beter News Alert 11: Jesse Jackson's "Wild Card" Mission to Syria

Number 11 January 6 1984

IN THIS ISSUE: S Perspective: The Future Is Now

Perspective: The Future Is Now

Jesse Jackson's "Wild Card" Mission to Syria

The surprise success of the Jackson trip to Syria in free­ing captured flier Robert Goodman has temporarily halted the growing U„ S„ -Syria confrontation. But steps are al­ready underway to renew the cycle of violence in Lebanon.

"Siberia Express" Weatherwar for a Frozen December

Shortly after a limited public admission of weather control capabilities by Russia in November, the U.S. National Weather Service predicted a warmer than normal winter. That prediction was immediately turned on its head by So­viet "Siberia Express" weather control that gave much of the United States the coldest December on record.

Another "Andropov" Charade in the Kremlin Transition

The impression of continued control by the late Andropov is being maintained for now, but watch Grigory Romanov.

Announcement: Phaseout and Open Licensing of Tapes Notice Concerning Dr. Beter

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Perspective: The Future Is Now

Jesse Jackson's "Wild Card" Mission to Syria

Much has been made of the arrival of George Orwell's apoc­alyptic year,   1984.     In his book Nineteen Eighty Four written shortly after World War II,  Orwell described a world which is uncomfortably similar in many remarkable ways to that which we see today.     It is a world of constant war. . . ever-shifting alliances, with former allies becoming enemies and vice versa . . . countless forms of surveillance and control over citizens. . . and most of all,  constant twisting and suppression of the truth.

Many people find it more than a little spooky that Orwell's vision has proven accurate in so many ways.     But Eric Arthur Blair (pseudonym: George Orwell) was not writing primarily about the future at all, but about the present which existed at that time.     Writing in 1948, he merely transposed the final digits to 1984,  creating a fictional time frame to express his ideas.    He then described what he thought governments would do right then if they had the means to do it.

We Americans often tend to think that it is only other gov­ernments, not our own,  that fit the Orwellian mold. Likewise when a former official Enemy is transformed into an official Friend (e. g.  Red China,   1979),  any negative image quickly is erased. . . as Orwell described.   And consider the three slogans by which Orwell's tyrannical Big Brother ruled.   War is peace: In a Rose Garden ceremony on Jan.  4,  President Reagan said freed Navy flier Robert Goodman had been sent on a "mission of peace, " referring to the 28-plane bombing mission in which he was shot down.     Freedom is slavery:    Economic time bombs planted through "deregulation" are designed to help un­dermine faith in the U. S. Constitution and the freedoms which it confers (NewsALERT #5).     Ignorance is strength: The Reagan Administration campaign to control what Americans know (NewsALERT #7) is explained away as being necessary to bolster national security.

Yes,   1984 is here all right. . . but in a way,  it has been here all along.     The future is now.     And we don't have to fall for the twisting of words and suppression of truth that takes place, no matter how subtle it may be.    As our Lord Jesus Christ said:    "Have no fear of them; for nothing is covered that will not be revealed,  or hidden that will not be known. "

Despite the ambition of the Bolshevized U. S. Government to achieve Orwellian omnipotence, we can take encouragement from the fact that they still can be, and often are, tripped up. Nothing illustrates this better than the success achieved this week by Rev. Jesse Jackson in obtaining the release of captured U. S. Navy flier, Robert Goodman.

In the U. S. - Israel "strategic cooperation" plan to partition Lebanon (NewsALERT #9), Syria is a key factor.     For several months American strategy has been designed to maneuver Syria into a direct confrontation with the United States.     This strat­egy went into high gear early last month, when coordinated ac­tion between the Israeli Air Force and U.S. Navy reconnais­sance jets led to Syrian antiaircraft attacks on the U.S. planes. That provided the pretext for the first-ever U.S. air strike on Syrian positions of Dec.  4, in which Lt. Goodman was shot down and captured  (NewsALERT #10).

The presence of an American airman in Syrian hands was made to order to help fuel an increasingly confrontational at­mosphere.    And had it been left to the Reagan Administration, Goodman would have been left right where he was, in order to serve as a continuing source of U. S. -Syria friction. Even when special Middle East envoy Donald Rumsfeld visited Syria last month, he deliberately made no effort to negotiate Good­man's release.

It was only a quirk of fate that transformed the situation. It happened that the captured flier, Goodman, was black.     And it also happens that there is a black presidential candidate this year--Rev. Jesse Jackson--who has never been bashful about trying unorthodox things.     While all the other Democrat presi­dential hopefuls sat on their hands, Jackson decided to make his trip to Syria.

If there was one thing the Reagan White House wanted less right now than for Goodman to be released, it was for him to be released at the initiative of someone else besides Reagan. In a mid-December news conference, Reagan called Goodman's release a high priority--but as Jackson planned his trip, Rea­gan refused even to accept Jackson's telephone calls about it.

As Jackson left for Syria on Dec.  29, he did so with the White House clearly opposing the whole idea.

When Jackson arrived in Syria he got to see President Assad, whose reassertion of control after his November heart attack has been much faster than the U. S. counted on.    Had Jackson been forced to deal with Assad's lieutenants,  nothing would have come of the trip--but Assad saw an opportunity and took it. By releasing Goodman as a "humanitarian" gesture,  Syria took the wind out of the Pentagon's sails on the way to confrontation, at least for now.    Now Syria is following that up by actively backing a proposed 11-point plan for new security arrangements in Lebanon,  relaxing some conditions formerly insisted upon. By seizing the initiative in this way, Assad hopes to increase the likelihood of a pullout of the American and other multination­al forces from Lebanon.

For the moment,  the mood over Lebanon is uncharacteristi­cally upbeat.     But the U.S. -Israel partition plan continues. On the very day that Lt. Goodman was welcomed home by Rea­gan, the Israeli Air Force carried out a devastating air raid on Baalbek in Syrian-controlled eastern Lebanon.    Supposedly it was aimed at terrorist training camps, but early reports esti­mate 100 killed and up to 400 wounded--many of them civilians and children.    It was the biggest Israeli air attack on Lebanon since the 1982 invasion, and the timing was no accident.

For the moment, tensions seem reduced.     The aircraft car­rier USS Independence has even left the Lebanon coast to visit Naples,  Italy.     But the cycle of violence is starting again.

"Siberia Express" Weatherwar for a Frozen December

On Nov.  9,   1983,  the Soviet Union publicly admitted for the first time that it modifies the weather for special occasions. Two days earlier, the big annual military parade through Red Square had looked like it would be held in a gray drizzle. In­stead, by the time the parade started all the clouds were gone and Red Square was basking in sunshine.    The newspaper Mos-kovskaya Pravda explained that Soviet weather specialists had caused this welcome "mistake" in the weather forecast, adding that the same thing had been done on some other occasions.

The article revealed only a hint of the actual weather-control capabilities now possessed by Russia,  describing it as a some­what conventional-sounding cloud-seeding process.     But the announcement was far more significant than that.    It reflects the fact that Soviet weather control techniques are now well enough developed to be highly predictable in their results. If they were not,  the Russians would simply keep quiet about them, not wishing to risk embarassment over some future failure.

The precision control of weather which has been demonstra­ted repeatedly over the past few years cannot be attributed to normal cloud-seeding methods.     Cloud-seeding is a long-estab­lished weather control technique worldwide, but it is notorious for its undependable results.     By contrast,  for example, the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow benefited from a startling ex­ample of weather control.     Up until the games opened, the weather in Moscow and much of Russia was miserable, with widespread drenching rains.     On opening day,  though, the sun punched a hole through the clouds over and around Moscow and skies remained sunny throughout the Olympics.     The day after the games ended,  the clouds promptly closed in again and it rained for nearly three weeks straight.

A quantum jump in weather control capabilities followed the deployment of Russia's hovering platforms called cosmospheres starting in late 1977 (AL#29).    By early 1980 Soviet weather controllers had developed methods of generating huge artificial storms at sea and guiding them onto land (AL#54).     And by the beginning of 1982,  still another technique of mass weather mod­ification--the "Siberia Express"--had been developed (AL#71).
The Siberia Express is a technique by which a very large air mass can be transplanted from one area of the earth to another region thousands of miles away.     Its name derives from the fact that in practice, it is usually used to move supercold air from northern Siberia to North America--primarily the U. S.
The Siberia Express technique causes frigid air to dump all across large portions of the U.S. not only from the north, but also dropping downward from upper altitudes (AL#71). This downward-spilling air tends to create a widespread high-pres­sure area,  often with unusually violent winds around the edges. It can also virtually block other,  normal weather patterns.

On Nov.  28 the National Weather Service issued its long-range winter forecast, predicting a warmer-than-normal winter over most of the United States.     Ironically, by the time that forecast was released, a Siberia Express weatherwar attack was already beginning.     A huge snowstorm paralyzed every­thing from the northern Rockies to the Great Lakes--and that was only for starters.     As December progressed, Siberia Ex­press weather control dumped an ever-expanding, enormous mass of frigid, high-pressure air across the United States. By mid-December surprise snowstorms reached into the South from Texas to Alabama, while snow-covered northern states grew even colder.

By the time the Russian weather warriors were done, they had set up the heaviest high-pressure air mass ever recorded in the United States.    The process caused the jet stream to be blocked for some time in a huge U-shaped pattern. Weather forecasters interviewed on television about it (e. g. ABC Night-line, Dec, 21) described what was happening but said they had no idea why.  

By Christmas Day there was snow covering two-thirds of the United States, and huge areas of the north were setting daily records as they dropped farther and farther below zero.     On Christmas Day at least 125 American cities set record lows, not just for that day, but for any December on record.    The State of Montana, which was in the central bulls-eye zone for the downward-spilling Siberia Express air, set the most startling records of all.   Miles City, Montana, registered a barometric reading of 31. 42 inches of mercury--the highest pressure reading ever recorded anywhere in the United States. And just two days earlier, there had been low temperatures of -52° at Butte and -64° at Elk Park in that supercooled State.

After Christmas the Siberia Express cold-air supply was shut off.     From then through about New Year's Day,  the huge cold air mass gradually moved eastward and dissipated as natural weather conditions re-established themselves.

As we have mentioned in connection with other instances of Soviet weather control (NewsALERT #2), the Russians believe in symbolism.     It is no accident that this record-shattering episode of Soviet weatherwar was carried out as all arms con­trol talks between the U.S. and Russia were collapsing. The New Kremlin considers itself under siege by the Bolshevized
Reagan Administration (NewsALERT #10), which in Russia's view is waging a new cold war.     The Russians used the Siberia Express technique last month to show the White House just how cold this new "cold war" can really get if it is not abandoned.

Another "Andropov" Charade in the Kremlin Transition

Once again the New Kremlin has succeeded in finessing the dangerous problem created by the unexpected death on Nov. 5 of President Yuri Andropov (NewsALERT #8).   As we reported in NewsALERT #9, the most difficult hurdles looming immed­iately for the Kremlin were the annual winter sessions of the Soviet Central Committee and the Supreme Soviet. Andropov would be expected to attend both meetings without fail. At least one ceremonial double for the late Andropov is available, but those tend to fool only the public: they run a high risk of detec­tion by intelligence operatives.     Therefore, as we reported ahead of time, the Kremlin's transitional leaders did not like the idea of using a double at the meetings,  for fear it would send exactly the wrong signal of vulnerability to Washington. They sought another strategem instead to maintain the fiction of Andropov's continued authority.     And they found one.

Kremlin-watchers always watch for shifts in personnel as a key indication of who is calling the shots.   At the Central Com­mittee Meeting on Dec.  26 Andropov was absent. . . but no less than four close Andropov aides and proteges received big pro­motions, two of them to full membership in the ruling Politburo. That lent credence to the idea that a speech read in Andropov's name had really been written by him.    The next day the impres­sion of Andropov's firm authority was further reinforced when the Central Committee enthusiastically endorsed Andropov's sweeping plan to begin remaking the Soviet economy.

The Kremlin transitional leaders are maneuvering adroitly both to explain the protracted Andropov absence from public view and to pave the way for changes to come.     For public con­sumption, they still use the obviously ridiculous story that he has a cold.     Through numerous private channels, though, they are letting Western diplomats and reporters in on the "secret" that Andropov is supposedly on dialysis for his ailing kidneys. That cover story is consistent with his known medical history.

It also neatly explains how he could be incapacitated as regards public functions, yet still be fully in command. And it enables them to say that Andropov probably won't live very long.

When we reported Andropov's unannounced death in News­ALERT #8, we also reported that the man now slated to become Russia's next titular leader is Grigory Romanov.    Just today, Jan. 6, Romanov created a sudden stir in Western circles by appearing at the West German Communist Party Congress. Romanov spoke in Andropov-like terms with obvious authority.
As mentioned earlier, the Russians believe in symbolism. If Romanov is installed as planned when Andropov's death is belatedly announced, it will be a symbolic act due to his name.

When the Satanic Bolsheviks took over in Russia in 1917, they did their best to kill off the entire Christian Czarist family --the Romanov family.     There are untold numbers of Russians who wish that the Bolshevik Revolution with its horrible after­math had never happened. . . that it could somehow be undone.

Grigory Romanov may have no blood relationship to the Czarist Romanov family, but his name still rings a very loud bell.     One day soon there may once again be a Romanov holding court in the Kremlin.     That will be a symbolic way of saying to those Russians who long for the Bolshevik Revolution to be un­done:   it is being undone.

Announcement: Phaseout and Open Licensing of Tapes

For over nine years now Audio Books, Inc. (publisher of NewsALERT) has served as the avenue for public dissemination of the taped messages of Dr. Peter Beter.    That is the purpose for which Audio Books Inc. was founded in September 1974 by a few supporters of Dr. Beter.

Throughout our association with Dr. Beter, from our first contacts with him in August 1974 until the day he informed us of his decision to discontinue his tapes and his association with us in November 1982, we considered it an honor and a privilege to assist in his vital work.     We continue to regard the contents of his tape reports as crucial for their background information,
without which countless current events are difficult if not im­possible to comprehend.     That is why we frequently include references to Dr.  Beter's tapes in NewsALERT, so that those wishing to understand events more deeply can do so.

As a convenience to readers who may not have all of Dr. Beter's tapes, we have continued to make them available up to now.   As we begin this New Year, however, we have reluctant­ly concluded that it is not feasible for us to continue to offer the tapes indefinitely.   In the absence of Dr. Beter, production of new tapes is no longer an activity of Audio Books,  Inc. , and maintaining production equipment, inventories and order pro­cessing facilities for tapes is a strain on our limited resources. The occasional tape orders which we now receive are much more costly for us to handle than the former subscription pro­gram with its production-line-type cost savings.    We remain convinced that a great many people would be interested in the tapes if properly informed about them, but our resources are not sufficient to accomplish that without detracting badly from the current NewsALERT program.

Thus the time has come to phase out sales of the tapes. Yet at the same time we believe it is important for Dr. Beter's tapes to continue to be publicly available --preferably on a wider and wider basis.     In hopes of accomplishing that, we have de­cided to open up rights to production of the tapes by others.

Open Licensing of the "Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER" Tapes
Audio Books Inc. hereby grants an open license, without fee, to any and all producers of cassette tapes who may wish to pro­duce and distribute any or all of the "Dr. Beter AUDIO LET­TER" tape reports.     This applies to individuals who may wish to make and distribute copies; to small commercial tape mar­keters; and to large cassette marketing organizations. This open license applies whether the tapes are to be distributed free or sold, provided the following conditions and limitations are adhered to:
1.   This license applies only to the "Dr. Beter AUDIO LET­TER" tape report series.   A few other tapes designated "AUD­IO BOOK" tapes and "SPECIAL TAPES" are also being phased out but will not be licensed.

 2.    Any "Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER" tape which is to be re­produced under this open license must be reproduced exactly as is, in its entirety, without any deletions, additions, or combin­ation with any other recorded material on the same tape.

 3.    Each "Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER" tape produced under this open license must bear a statement protecting the regis­tered "Audio Letter" trademark.     This statement may be on the main cassette label,  on an auxiliary label,  or printed di­rectly on the cassette itself.     The statement shall say:
"Audio Letter" is a registered trademark of Audio Books, Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape recording.
Limitation:    The rights and fees which are waived under this open license are those of Audio Books Inc.  only.     We are not empowered to speak for Dr.  Beter, who should be contacted directly about any royalty arrangement he may desire before producing tapes under this license.     As of this printing, Dr. Beter may be contacted at the following address:

Dr. Peter Beter
P. O. Box 73
Glen Echo, MD 20812

Audio Books Inc. hopes that many will make use of this open license as an opportunity to provide an important public service and, if desired,  to earn some income while doing so.     The 80 tapes of the "Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER" series were produced and distributed over a period of more than seven years, at a total cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.     These costs in­cluded not only royalties to Dr.  Beter but also the many other costs of producing and disseminating each new tape.     Now they exist,  and others can produce them under this license without having to bear the origination costs which have already been paid by Audio Books Inc.   We hope that this will provide a pow­erful economic incentive and opportunity for others to take up the task of spreading Dr.  Beter's information far and wide--a task which we cannot complete by ourselves.

We invite individuals and companies who plan to produce the "Dr.  Beter AUDIO LETTER" tapes under this open license to let us know about it. Preferably, print or type your name and address on a 3 x 5 card and send it to us with a note about your plans. By the time our own tape sales end (see below), we hope to have the beginnings of a register of other sources from which the AUDIO LETTER tapes will be available. Eventually we will try to make this register available as a mutual service to those producing the tapes and those wishing to obtain them.

Phaseout of Tape Sales by Audio Books, Inc.

It will take time for reliable other sources for the "Dr. Be­ter AUDIO LETTER" tapes to become established.     It is also true that Audio Books Inc. will have no control over the record­ing quality or service rendered by others in the future. In order to make the transition as convenient as possible to every­one concerned, we will try to maintain availability of all of our tapes (AUDIO LETTER and others) until March 31,  1984. Any orders received after that date will be returned unprocessed.

Dr. Beter Audio Letter REFERENCE DIGEST

After Dr. Beter terminated his tape reporting program in November 1982,  the first order of business for Audio Books Inc. for several months was to process adjustments for trunca­ted subscriptions.     After that, as our first project to launch a renewed program of service, Audio Books Inc.  compiled and published the "Audio Letter Reference Digest. "   This is a 224-page reference work,  consisting of condensations of all 80 of the "Dr.  Beter AUDIO LETTER" tapes, plus background and perspective information and an index of over 1600 entries.

Only one edition of the Reference Digest--the limited-circu­lation,  premium-quality Charter Edition--has been published. It is now sold out.     However,  very heavy costs are involved in financing such an ambitious publication, and these have caused the planned follow-on Standard Edition to be cancelled. Those who purchased the Charter Edition thus have even more of a collector's item than we originally anticipated.

Even so, we consider the Reference Digest an invaluable aid to those searching for background information on current events and many owners seem to agree.     Therefore as a last-chance opportunity to obtain the summary information in the Reference

Digest,  custom photocopies (bound in Accopress binders) may be ordered during the same period as tapes are being phased out--till March 31,   1984.     Cost will be somewhat less than that of the Charter Edition.     For details write to NewsALERT.

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Peter Beter News Alert 10: Perspective: The Gathering Storm (Part 2) Multiplying Storm Clouds on the World Horizon

Number 10 - December 16, 1983


Perspective: The Gathering Storm (Part 2) 

Multiplying Storm Clouds on the World Horizon

Three prime areas to be watched for their impending con­sequences are those of Soviet-American relations; growing complexity and interlinkage of Middle East tensions; and a ticking time bomb in American domestic politics.

"Fortress Russia1' and the End of Arms Control:    In the wake of the Korean airliner episode and the deployment of U.S. missiles in Europe, a Soviet-American confrontation is growing (NewsALERT #3, 6).     The Kremlin considers itself under siege and is reacting accordingly.

Expanding Middle East War Trap:    The Lebanon crisis is becoming the focal point of a steadily widening arena of crisis extending from Syria to the Persian Gulf.

White House Infighting and Extreme Security Precautions: As the simmering "Debategate" scandal prepares to boil over again,  supertight security surrounds Pres. Reagan.

Letter Corner: Where NewsALERT Stands 
Notice Concerning Dr. Beter

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Perspective: The Gathering Storm (Part 2)

In NewsALERT #9 we pointed out that those who now control the U. S. Government are blinding themselves by their own lies.
Our Lord Jesus Christ used to warn that "if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit. "    Today the United States is afflicted with exactly such blind guides. Pretending to be motivated by high ideals and purity of purpose, they are subtly leading America in directions which only Satan would ap­plaud.     In the process they are making some horrendous mis­takes,  for which not only they but all the rest of us will pay.

There is an obvious remedy for this situation.     We cannot be led into the pit by blind leaders unless we are also blind our­selves.     The challenge we face as Americans is to open our eyes,  look where we are going and--for once!--halt our blind march like lemmings toward self-destruction.

This challenge is one which faces us as Americans more acutely than it does any other people on earth.     America is the leader of the West, and under our form of government it is "we, the people"--not our chosen leaders--who constitute the ulti­mate human authority.     This is not just a vague lip-service principle, but the law of the land.     That is how it is set up in the U.S.  Constitution, which is the law to which all other Amer­ican laws are subordinate.

America's Founding Fathers set it up this way for a reason. They knew that sooner or later there would be those who would try to dismantle the freedoms they had instituted, and that they would do so by working within our government itself. In order to give later generations (namely us) a chance to head off dis­aster, they placed the ultimate authority in our hands.
With that authority goes an equal responsibility. 

It is not discharged simply by voting every so often to choose between 2 unsatisfactory candidates for a given office.   Instead, it involves the use of freedom of speech,  freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, freedom from unlawful search and seizure. These are the tools we were given to save America from the threat of internal destruction.     That is the threat we now face, exactly as our Founding Fathers anticipated.

Multiplying Storm Clouds on the World Horizon

"Fortress Russia" and the End of Arms Control
Yesterday, Dec.  15, the Warsaw Pact suspended its partici­pation in the long-running Mutual and Balanced Force Reduction (MBFR) talks in Vienna, Austria.     These talks were aimed at reducing troop levels of both NATO and the Warsaw Pact.

The suspension of the MBFR talks completes the rapid col­lapse of arms control talks that began just over 3 months ago. This follows the Soviet termination of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) talks in Geneva, Switzerland, on Nov. 23, and the Soviet suspension of the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) in Geneva on Dec. 8.

The destructive sequence that was set in motion on Sept. 1 by means of the Korean airliner incident (NewsALER T #3) has run lis intended course.     For the first time since the original SALT talks began in Nov.  1969, there are no longer any arms control negotiations at all between the United States and Russia. To all intents and purposes, the world's two most powerful na­tions are not speaking to one another. 

That is dangerous.
We are now seeing the tangible fruits of--in the words of Reagan's hand-picked arms control director,  Kenneth Adelman --"sham" arms control "for political reasons. "    That is what he publicly said his policy would be before Reagan appointed him (N. Y. Daily News,   5/24/81),  so no one should be surprised. Likewise when the START talks fell apart last week on Dec. 8, chief START negotiator Edward Rowny wore a delighted grin as he faced reporters. 

Little wonder: General Rowny, whose antics during the negotiations reportedly included unbridled shouting matches with the Russians, was the best possible choice to help insure failure.    His main previous claim to fame in the arms control field was his role in scuttling the SALT II treaty.     Having thus helped destroy an earlier arms control treaty which Moscow had already signed, Rowny's very presence at the START talks sent a clear signal to the Kremlin. The signal was:    We aren't serious--this is a sham.

While the Russians are keeping their options open in all but the INF talks, their decision to shut down all talks for now is a

lot more serious than spokesmen of our Bolshevized govern­ment would have us believe.     We are told that the Russians are just buying some time to assess the situation, but that is not true:   the assessment has already been made.     Last month a juicy opportunity was held out for a breakthrough in the INF talks that would have made any true statesman--or even a self-seeking politician with normal political goals--sit up and take notice.

 It was spurned without a moment's consideration by the Reagan Administration (NewsALERT #9).     The assessment already announced by the late Soviet President Yuri Andropov on Sept.  28 (NewsALERT #6) was thus confirmed and solidified. The Kremlin is convinced that relations with the present U. S. administration cannot get better, but can only get worse.

The Russians are therefore reverting to a kind of siege men­tality that runs very,  very deep in the Russian psyche, planted there over many centuries of attacks from all directions. The new U, S. -based Bolsheviks may be taking great satisfaction in producing such dismay in the land they used to rule, but they should not. 

They are only redoubling the determination of the new Russian ruling group to make the Soviet Union so over­whelmingly powerful that it cannot be destroyed by the U. S. If it were not for the readiness of the Bolsheviks here to sacrifice American lives, just as they used to sacrifice Russian lives, the Soviet Union would be practically unassailable already. But Russia's new ruling group,  having dislodged the Bolsheviks from top power in Russia after decades of struggle, know all too well how dangerous and crafty they can be.

So the New Kremlin is now turning the Soviet Union into "Fortress Russia. "    They are turning out the lights on "sham" negotiations with the United States and going home to prepare for the worst.     Self-sufficiency is a top priority,  lending ur­gency to the economic reforms set in motion by the late Yuri Andropov (NewsALERT #8). 

Those reforms will take a long time and they require peace,  not war.     But if war should come they intend to be prepared for that,  too, by redoubling their al­ready massive military preparations.

For public consumption the fiction will be maintained for some time that the late Yuri Andropov is still alive.     The cere­monial double for Andropov (NewsALERT #8, 9) will make his appearance soon.

Expanding Middle East War Trap

As NewsALERT #9 prepared to go to press on Dec.  2, we included an alert to the prospect of a Syrian-American confron­tation.     This is a direct consequence of the heightened overt U. S. -Israeli "strategic cooperation" to partition Lebanon.

The very next day,  Dec.  3,  the opening shots were fired in the threatened Syrian-American confrontation, and they were brought about by coordinated U. S. - Israeli action.     First the Israeli Air Force staged an air raid on Syrian positions east of Beirut,  giving the area a thorough pounding with bombs. Nor­mal Israeli practice after any such raid is to follow it up awhile later by sending a couple of reconnaissance planes to assess the damage inflicted.     But on Dec.  3,  a pair of American F-14 reconnaissance jets flew over the area instead.     They arrived over the freshly bombed areas about 90 minutes after the attack, just about when Israeli reconnaissance jets might have been an­ticipated.

For nearly two months, American reconnaissance jets had been flying reconnaissance over Syrian positions in Lebanon without drawing anything more than some insignificant harass­ment fire.     But when the Syrian gunners saw two jets swooping toward them shortly after the Israeli raid of Dec.  3,  they reac­ted utterly predictably.     They assumed the F-14's were con­ducting post-attack reconnaissance for Israel,  and they opened up with a blistering barrage of antiaircraft missiles.

Having arranged this incident,  the Pentagon responded the next day by the first-ever American air raid against Syrian po­sitions.     Some 28 attack aircraft from the aircraft carriers USS Independence and USS John F.  Kennedy attacked Syrian ar­tillery and antiaircraft positions east of Beirut.

Afterward there were questions whether the raid really did much damage to the Syrians--but there was no question of the cost to the U.S.     Two jets were shot down,  one pilot killed, and one flier--Navy Lieut.  Robert O.  Goodman--became the first American prisoner-of-war in the Lebanon conflict. In Vietnam,  the first flier to become a P. O. W. was followed by many, many more.     If the "Vietnam'1 - in-Lebanon plan now be­ing pursued by the U.S.  continues (NewsALERT #4),  the same will be true again now.

When escalation begins it tends to feed on itself.     The even­ing after the U.S.  air raid on Syrian positions witnessed the most deadly bombardments yet of U. S Marine positions, and eight were killed at a sitting-duck outpost.     Next the U.S. Navy retaliated for that by bombarding Syrian-supported Druze posi­tions with navu! gunfire.     The situation gradually worked its way up to the first firing of the big 16'' guns of the battleship USS New Jersey on Dec.   14.     With that,  the biggest operation­al guns in the world started going to work on hapless Lebanon.

Lebanon is becoming a focal point for American involvement in a steadily widening arena of potential Middle East conflict. By way of Lebanon, the U. S. has now positioned itself for an increasingly direct confrontation with Syria,  Moscow's closest client in the Arab world.     At the same time, terrorism in Leb­anon--including specifically the October truck bombings of the U.S. and French troop barracks--is being traced through Syria to Iran.     Thus the Persian Gulf war between Iran and Iraq is becoming intertwined with the deteriorating situation in Leba­non.     The car-bombing of the U.S. Embassy and several other targets in Kuwait four days ago exemplifies this intertwining. The claim is that Iranian suicide terrorists were sent to strike Kuwait as punishment for supporting Iraq financially during the Iran-Iraq war,  and that the same forces have struck in Lebanon.

In this way a double excuse is being created for American intervention in Iran when the time is ripe.     The other excuse is to protect the vital shipping lanes for Persian Gulf oil, which Iran has threatened to close if Iraq succeeds in disrupting its oil shipments  (NewsALERT #5. 6).     The extensive infiltration of terrorist groups in the region (NewsALERT #6, 7) is contin­uing to yield dividends in the heightened U.S. -Israeli strategic cooperation which is now openly acknowledged*      The goal is to create new opportunities through new crises.     But our blind guides are also creating new dangers which they themselves understand only partially.

As for Lebanon itself, there is once again a slowly growing "bring the Marines home" sentiment around the country. Two days ago on Dec.  14,  President Reagan made a statement de­signed to give the comforting impression that one way or the other,  we can expect them to be coming home soon. 

News re­ports said in abbreviated fashion that Reagan had promised to bring them home,  either when peace is restored or if there is a collapse of the Gemayel government.     Sounds like he's eager to bring them home as quick as possible, doesn't it?   But his actual statement was laced with qualifiers that really say the opposite.     After saying we would leave in the event of a peace­ful solution (don't hold your breath for that), he said we would also leave "if there was such a collapse of order that it was absolutely certain that there was no solution to the problem. " That leaves room for the U. S. to stay on, even if the Gemayel government were to collapse,  and even if there were a general collapse of order.     All the U. S. needs to do is to claim that it is not "absolutely certain" that there is no hope, and our forces can stay.

Weasel words like that are sufficient to fool most of us, be­cause we Americans want to believe our leaders. After Con­gress reconvenes in late January, though, new pressures for withdrawal will start building. To make sure those pressures do not accomplish anything, watch for new distractions or sup­posed Syrian provocations around that time. The Bolshevized U. S. Government has no intention of bringing our fighting men home,  and will find some way to keep them there.

White House Infighting and Extreme Security Precautions
Lately the subject of terrorism has taken on a domestic tone here in the U. S.  itself.     At around 11 p. m. , Nov.  7, a bomb went off in the U. S.  Capitol Building near the office of Senate Minority Leader Robert Byrd.     The next evening on ABC-TV news he said:   "It didn't come as any surprise to me.    I had been expecting something like this for several days. "

Byrd's cryptic comment went unexplained.     But just over 2 weeks later on Thanksgiving Day, Nov.  24,  it was revealed that entrances to the White House were being blocked by dumptrucks filled with sand.     Increased security at entrances to certain other important government buildings has also been instituted, such as the diplomatic entrance at the State Department.

One purpose which can be served by all the publicity over possible terrorist threats, whether real or imagined,  is quite

obvious.     It sets the stage for an increasingly closed style of government.     This is alien to American traditions, but is right in line with the Bolshevik-inspired preoccupation of the Reagan Administration with unprecedented levels of secrecy and secur­ity (NewsALERT #7).

However, there may be even more to it than that.     We sug­gest you keep your eyes particularly on the security arrange­ments which now surround President Reagan wherever he goes. These are now extraordinarily elaborate and tight.     The last time such a thick security blanket was wrapped around Reagan was in June 1982, up until his bombshell dismissal of Secretary of State Alexander Haig.

The Haig dismissal took place just 2 days before the dead­line for an anti-Bolshevik coup d'etat which Dr.  Beter had made public 4 months earlier (AL#72).     He had said that either Reagan or Haig would go by then; it was Haig who went.

Now the ''Debategate" plan (NewsALERT #1) is simmering in a new White House power struggle-.     In late January, Reagan is to announce his candidacy for re-election.     Then Debategate is supposed to boil over again. . . with new dangers for Reagan.

Letter Corner: Where NewsALERT Stands

The worst thing about many of the storm clouds now gather­ing is that an honest U. S. Government could avoid them.
That is why NewsALERT hammers away at the deceptions by which our own leaders are spoiling our future.     We want America's future to be bright, not clouded over constantly by deliberate crisis after crisis as it is now.     A change for the better can take place--but only if a factually informed, spirit­ually fortified American people will live up to our responsibili­ties under the U. S. Constitution.

Whenever a candle is lit in dark and hidden places, it tends to expose things that are not pleasant to see.     That may cause a few readers sometimes to misunderstand our intentions. For example, the following letter recently received raises some questions whose answers may be helpful to other readers too:

"My family after reading my last NewsALERT #8 are claiming that you are very anti-Reagan, anti-America. This poses a question in my mind: if you seem to be taking up for the Russians in this latest newsletter, does that make you a Communist?. . . For instance on page 11, and I quote: 'We hear constantly about the efforts of Soviet spies to obtain information about U. S. technology, as if that were proof that the Russians could not do these things for themselves. '   In other words this does seem to appear that America is being downplayed.

"... I would really be in debt to you if you could clear up my doubts. , . "
--F. S.
Largo, Florida
NewsALERT reply:   We are indebted to reader F. S„ for bringing these questions to our attention.     Three points are raised, which we think are best answered in reverse order.

About Soviet technology:    In NewsALERT #8, the quoted sentence is followed by a paragraph about the efforts of the late Gen.  Thomas Power over two decades ago to warn about exactly the same thing.     Gen. Power, former head of the U. S. Air Force Strategic Air Command, believed and said publicly that the only insurance against eventual disaster for the United States lies in keeping the public informed, instead of in the dark about military as well as other developments.     He tried as long ago as 1959 (in a book manuscript banned by the Pentagon) to let Americans in on the true significance of Soviet technical spying.

 Its purpose is to keep Soviet technology abreast of Western developments with minimum expense and effort, while saving the best Russian engineers and scientists to work on the most advanced projects to "leapfrog" (Gen. Power's word) past the best we have to offer in certain areas.     Clear back in 1959 --nearly a quarter-century ago!--Gen. Power warned in his banned manuscript (AL#32) that, thanks to their two-pronged approach, the Soviets "can buy more progress in military tech­nology than we can for an equivalent amount.     Most important­ly, they are getting it a great deal faster than we do. " (Our emphasis. )    He said that even then, they were already match­ing our efforts,  so where does that put them today, after mov­ing "a great deal faster" for 24 more years?    It puts them in

the position we reported in NewsALERT#8--with pretty much what we have militarily, and some more besides.

To the best of our knowledge, the only person who has ever made public the contents of Gen. Power's banned 1959 manu­script was Dr.  Beter, in his March 1978 tape (AL#32). But you can go to your local library and probably find a copy of a later, Pentagon-censored version which was published as a book in 1965, titled Design for Survival (Coward-McCann, N„ Y. ).

We realize it takes courage even to be a subscriber to News­ALERT, because we report many things that challenge the pic­ture which we are usually given about things.     To reader F. S. and any others similarly beset by criticism from others who interpret our reports as anti-American in some way, we sug­gest the following experiment which might open a few eyes: First, quote this issue of NewsALERT as stating that the Soviet military industrial base is "by far the world's largest in num­ber of facilities and physical size, and it produces more indiv­idual military systems in greater quantities than any other na­tion.

"    Then point out that this is in direct conflict with the impression usually given by the U. S. Government, to the effect that the Russians are forever struggling and spying just to keep up with what we do.
The statement in quotation marks above may be brushed aside by some, thinking NewsALERT made it up to downplay America.     But this happens to be a direct quote from a recent report by the Pentagon's own intelligence analysts --the Defense Intelligence Agency.     It sums up exactly what, we keep report­ing in other ways. 

We think you have a right to know.
Taking up for the Russians?     There is an old saying: "Know your enemy. "    It is foolish and dangerous to treat an avowed, deadly enemy as if he were a friend; it is equally foolish and dangerous to ascribe more hostile intentions on the part of an­other power than really exist.     The first error leaves a nation needlessly vulnerable; the second error creates the opposite problem--deadly enmity where it need not have existed.
It is the second error which the Reagan Administration is making now with Russia.     Every door which the New Kremlin has attempted to open to a better dialogue with the U. S. over
the past several years has been slammed shut on their fingers by Reagan tough-guy belligerence. 

We have chronicled this course of events in arms control, for example, but virtually every other channel for Soviet-American dialogue has also been severed in similar ways.     Aside from resuming wheat sales to , Russia (which was done to appease badly injured U„ S. farmers, not to improve the climate of dialogue),   the trend by the U. S. for several years now has been to close every possible door while opening none.     If 5,000 years of human history is any guide at all, such belligerence borders on insanity.     It cannot possibly lead to peace, but instead cannot fail to lead to war sooner or later.     If anyone seriously believes that such policies are truly in America's best interests, we simply cannot agree.

The Reagan Administration, including conspicuously Presi­dent Reagan himself, is indulging in a concerted campaign to de-humanize Russia's image in American eyes.     That is al­ways part of any hate campaign to prepare for war, and it is dangerous beyond measure.     NewsALERT believes Americans have a right to know that this image is a caricature,   and not even a good caricature at that.     Changes have taken place in Russia's ruling circles, and still are taking place, which offer the chance of a safer future for the world--if the opportunity is not thrown away.

Anti-Reagan or anti-America:    This brings us to the final point, which actually is raised first in the letter from reader F. S.     First, we think it is dangerous to equate "Reagan" with "America. "   America is not Ronald Reagan: it is you, us, your family, your friends, and about 230 million other people.

Many millions of Americans are swayed to put their confi­dence in our present leaders by just one factor.   That factor is the jovial, sincere-appearing manner of President Ronald Rea­gan.     We tend to forget that an actor makes his entire living by learning to appear to be what he is not.    Given a good script and proper direction, an actor with no competence whatever in mathematics,  say,  could convincingly imitate Albert Einstein. Actors also learn, as perhaps the most fundamental aspect of their entire art, how to feign emotions which are not real, in­cluding even crying on demand for the camera.
When all of this is used within its proper arena of entertain-

ment,  it need do no harm,  and can be uplifting and good. When it is misused within the arena of politics, however, it becomes positively dangerous.     That is why America's media president, whose unprecedented dependence upon sheafs of 3x5 cue cards has become legend, is so dangerous.     He has the talent to make lies sound like the truth. . . and he is so ignorant of many things that he may even believe they are the truth.

Just for the record,  NewsALERT would find it hard to im­prove on the old motto of President Teddy Roosevelt: "Walk softly and carry a big stick. "    In other words, be strong and fully prepared for defense against any aggressor, but don't go out looking for trouble.     Reagan and Co. , by contrast, are stomping as loudly as possible and swinging a stick at everyone who gets within range.     Is that the American way?   We don't think so.     If that makes NewsALERT anti-Reagan,   it is only an unavoidable consequence of being pro-America. . . the real America of 230 million people.

Notice Concerning Dr. Beter

In November 1982 Dr. Peter Beter terminated his AUDIO LETTER tape program and his association with Audio Books, Inc. , for health reasons.     Copies of Dr.  Beter's letter dated Nov.  16,   1982, were sent at that time to all AUDIO LETTER subscribers, but a few current NewsALERT subscribers may not have received a copy.    To insure that there is no confusion in anyone's mind,  Dr.  Beter has requested that we print in four issues of NewsALERT the following, which we are glad to do:

Dr.  Beter is not associated with NewsALERT in any way.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from NewsALERT!

Next scheduled issue:  Jan. 6, 1984

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Peter Beter News Alert 10: Perspective: The Gathering Storm (Part 2) Multiplying Storm Clouds on the World Horizon
Peter Beter News Alert 10: Perspective: The Gathering Storm (Part 2) Multiplying Storm Clouds on the World Horizon