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Peter Beter Interim News Alert 4: A New "Cuban Missile Crisis" - In Reverse ?

INTERIM News Alert

P. 0. Box 276 Savage. MD 20763
#4- JUNE 1983

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In October 1962 President John F. Kennedy drew a line in the dust against the Soviet Union over the attempted deployment of medium-range nuclear missiles in Cuba, right on America's doorstep.     Today, two decades later, a major confrontation is again brewing over the efforts of one super-power to deploy medium-range nuclear missiles on the other's doorstep.     But this time the missiles will be aimed at Russia instead of the United States, and the "doorstep" where the missiles will be deployed is Europe instead of Cuba.

Late last month on May 26, two days before the Williamsburg Economic Summit, President Reagan spoke to reporters from the other 6 Summit nations.     He insisted that deployment of new U. S. nuclear missiles in Europe "on schedule" this year is essential. . . supposedly to make the Russians decide to negotiate about arms control.

The reaction from Moscow was swift.     Thanks to the timing of Reagan's statement, the Soviet reply came on May 27--the eve of the summit itself.     The world press has focused on hints that Russia might counter the new U.S. missiles by putting nuclear missiles into East­ern European satellite countries.     Meanwhile the real warning, tacked on after statements about Europe itself, has been completely missed so far by major media commentators. Officials within the U. S. and other governments who do understand the warning message are keeping very quiet about it.     This key part of Russia's May 27 warning reads:

"It would also be necessary, as it has been repeatedly warned by the Soviet side, to take other necessary reply measures with a view to the territory of the United States itself."   (Emphasis ours.)    
The behavior of the anti-Bolshevik Andropov Kremlin today is strikingly similar to that of President Kennedy two decades ago when the situation was reversed.   Like Kennedy then, the Kremlin today is saying it will not accept even one new offensive nuclear missile placed on its doorstep.     And just as Kennedy warned that any necessary retaliation would be directed at Russia itself, the Kremlin is now warning that its retaliation will be against the U.S. itself.

Last month on May 4 the Moscow correspondent for ABC-TV's World News Tonight quoted high Soviet sources as saying that if the U.S. missiles are deployed, Russia will "initiate a military response" that will be "directed against the United States itself, and not its NATO partners. "    And: "It would not involve nuclear missiles deployed on the ground in Central America. "    (Emphasis ours. )    What alternatives does that leave open?    Lately the Russians have given broad hints as to the answer... in the waters around Norway and Sweden.

Last October the Swedish Navy made headlines for two weeks or so by trying in vain to hunt down intruding submarines near Sweden's most sensitive naval installation on Musko Island.     It was all-out anti-submarine warfare, using the most depth charges expended by the Swedish Navy since World War II, and it was all within Sweden's own territorial waters. Yet not a single intruder was captured, much less destroyed.    And early last month it was Norway's turn: teased by periscope sightings, the Norwegians blasted the daylights out of the bottom of a fiord near Norway's most sensitive naval base.     Results: none.

On April 26 the Swedish government revealed part of the reason for the difficulty in fending off the intruders.     They reported that there had actually been, not one, but half a dozen subs violating Sweden's waters last October.    And they made public evidence that at least three of them were mini-subs of a revolutionary design that makes them virtually impossible to detect, let alone destroy.

This is the first public admission by any government that special mini-subs exist which can move in and out of the most heavily defended NATO waters at will, virtually invulnerable to detection.     Typically, this revelation did not come from the United States Government, which has kept a lid of secrecy on the story ever since September 1976, when Dr. Beter first described these special Russian mini-subs publicly (#16).

When Dr. Beter first reported on Russia's sonar-invisible mini-subs nearly 7 years ago, they were busily moving in and out of the territorial waters of the United States.    They were planting small, short-range, underwater-launch nuclear missiles within our territorial waters for reasons which did not become completely clear until later on (#20, #26).     We were in the midst of the Underwater Missile Crisis of 1976, about which--like the mini-subs--the United States Government has never bothered to tell the public.

The message of the persistent, daring Soviet intrusions into Scandinavian NATO waters is clear:    If the Reagan Administration insists on going ahead with deployment of over 500 new nuclear missiles on Russia's doorstep in Europe, the Soviet Navy is prepared to mount a new Underwater Missile Crisis around our own shores.    After 7 years the Russians have had plenty of time to develop and produce a whole new generation of better, more reliable, longer-range underwater missiles than those which they started planting in our waters in 1976. And these Russian nuclear missiles would not be deployed "on the ground" or "in Central America"--but underwater, along our own shores.

The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 and the secret Underwater Missile Crisis of 1976 both carried the seeds of possible all-out thermonuclear war.    Now we are moving toward a new confrontation that could be like both of these past crises combined:  a reverse Cuban Missile Crisis in Europe, plus a new Underwater Missile Crisis.     But: Does it have to happen?

On May 3 Soviet leader Yuri Andropov said: "We are prepared to reach agreement on the equality of nuclear potentials in Europe, both as regards delivery vehicles and warheads.. . " And he added:    "I particularly want to stress that (under the new proposal) in the European part of the Soviet Union we would have much fewer medium-range missiles and warheads on them than before 1976, when we did not have SS20 missiles. "    (Emphasis ours. )

Those words are specific enough to say that Andropov is talking about big cuts in Soviet European-theater missiles.    Washington has obscured this fact by seizing upon Andropov's requirement that existing British and French nuclear missile warheads aimed at Russia be considered somehow in an agreement.     But look at the numbers:    By NATO's own estimates the European theater presently has about 300 British and French nuclear missile warheads, against 1100 Soviet warheads.     By offering to agree to "equality" in "warheads, " Andropov offered in effect to scrap 800 Soviet warheads unilaterally. And the last part of the quotation above emphasizes that this really is what he is saying.

On its face, Andropov seems to be offering exactly what President Reagan claims to want: not a "nuclear freeze, " but big reductions in nuclear weapons--especially Russian weapons. The Reagan Administration keeps insisting that it's just propaganda.. . a bluff.

Then why not call Andropov's bluff and take him up on his offer?    If it is a bluff, then Andropov will be forced to back away from it in ways that will be embarrassingly obvious to all.

The Russians have a well-deserved reputation as hard bargainers:   there is no reason to expect negotiations to be a snap, even if conducted entirely in good faith by both sides. But the Bolshevized "Reagan" Administration is making sure that no negotiations take place that could interfere with their plan to flood Europe with nuclear missiles aimed at Russia. The man now in charge of America's arms control machinery, hand-picked by Reagan and con­firmed by the Senate on April 14 after much Presidential arm-twisting, is Kenneth Adelman. His candid opinion of arms control negotiations was given publicly over 2 years ago (5/24/81) in a N. Y. Daily News column by Ken Auletta.    Adelman was quoted in the words (which he did not then dispute): "My policy would be to do it for political reasons.   I think it's a sham. "

"Sham" arms-control negotiations are just the ticket for the neo-Bolsheviks in the U. S7~ Government.   They are not really interested in establishing a "balance" in Europe, but rather a first-strike missile force for war (#37, #57).    So on May 29, under heavy U.S. pressure, the participants at the Williamsburg Summit--an "economic" summit--released a statement vowing that "the countries concerned will proceed with the planned deployment" of the new U.S. missiles if there is no arms control agreement to prevent it.

A mere four days later, early this month on June 2, a follow-up joint communique was issued by NATO defense mini­sters under prodding from U.S. Defense Secretary Weinberger. Aside from a footnote by Denmark, there was no reference to arms control at all.

 Instead, NATO flatly resolved to station new U.S. nuclear missiles in Europe... starting right on schedule, late this year.

The Reagan Administration is f.ond of striking sanctimonious poses as it leads us all down the path toward nuclear confrontation.

 What ever happened to our Lord Jesus Christ's Golden Rule?--Do unto others (even Russians) as you would have them do unto you!

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Peter Beter Interim Newsletter 3: EarthQuakes And The "Pope's Revolution Plot"

P. 0. Box 276 Savage, MD 20763
Interim News Alert #3 - MAY 1983

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The Coalinga Earthquake

In Interim News Alert #1 two months ago we alerted readers to the prospect of artificial earthquakes this spring in the same West Coast areas which have been ravaged this winter by Soviet weather warfare.   In addition to ocean-floor bombs for earthquake generation (#24, #25), Dr. Beter reported in the summer of 1978 (#37) that similar bombs for that purpose were also being planted in abandoned mineshafts and caves in southern California. By late 1978 he reported that at least 46 of these had been planted (#41).

Man-made earthquakes are not restricted to normal earthquake zones, and they give no advance warning. Early this month on May 2, the small town of Coalinga in the western part of California's San Joaquin Valley was smashed by a sudden strong earthquake. It was not preceded by any of the advance warning signals that normally indicate an imminent quake. And Coalinga is not on the San Andreas Fault where quakes normally are centered, but some 20 to 30 miles away in an area where quakes ordinarily do not originate.

Dr. Beter revealed in September 1978 (#38) that the type of Soviet earthquake-generating cobalt bomb planted underground in California are designed to produce earthquakes with a usual strength of around 6. 5 on the Richter Scale.   The Coalinga quake measured about 6.5.

Many earthquake generators have already been set off over the past several years accord­ing to Dr. Beter's AUDIO LETTER reports, loosening up the giant San Andreas Fault. Coal­inga is midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. . . and since the earthquake there, geologists have discovered that the San Andreas Fault is locked mainly at two remaining points.     Those points are areas near San Francisco and Los Angeles.    Should they be un­locked allowing the fault to move, California's two greatest cities could be devastated.

Will it happen?   The answer could well hinge on developments brewing in Poland.

Poland:    A Re-Run of the "Pope's Revolution" Plot

In August 1978 (#37) Dr. Beter alerted his listeners to watch for an imminent dramatic change in the Roman Catholic Church.     America's unseen rulers were initiating a power play to turn Vatican policies in a strongly anti-Russian direction.    A month later, the brand-new Pope John Paul I died suddenly... murdered, reported Dr. Beter (#39).     The man quickly chosen to succeed him as Pope John Paul II was the first non-Italian Pope in 455 years. .. from Poland.. . known for his reputation of "standing up to the Russians. "

(Over to continue)

In January 1979 Dr Beter gave details of a plan to capitalize on the new Pope's image to set off revolution in eastern Europe,,     The Pope was scheduled to go to Poland that May. during a highly emotional religious celebration,,     The secret plot called for the Pope to killed in vio­lence which would be blamed on the Warsaw government, triggering the "Pope's Revolution. "

That plan was de-fused almost at the last minute by delaying the visit a month.     The next strategy for revolution in Poland was to create the Solidarity labor union movement. Thanks to massive outside financing and support funneled through church channels, Solidarity was on the brink of success in setting off revolution when martial law was declared in December 1981.

Now another papal visit to Poland is scheduled, set for mid-June.     The "Pope's Revolu­tion" scheme has been revived, this time with linkages to the outlawed Solidarity movement. As the papal visit draws near, there is an air of steadily mounting confrontation in Poland, with Solidarity and Church leaders banding together against the government.     In April, Church spokesmen agitated for amnesty for all remaining Solidarity prisoners, while former Solidarity leader Lech Walesa goaded the government by telling the world he had met with fugitive underground Solidarity leaders.     The government picked him up for questioning, but refused to take the bait and arrest him.  Instead they did the opposite and gave him back his old job at the Gdansk Shipyard.

This month, with the papal visit getting closer, the situation has heated up further. The Solidarity-sponsored May Day and Constitution Day demonstrations turned violent in many cities.     One young Polish worker was found dead at the scene of one riot; no one had seen what happened to him, but he has been held up as a martyr to government repression anyway. And on May 3 the government was given a new black eye that also raised the specter of vio­lence to Catholic Church leaders.     Thugs broke into a convent which has been used as a Solidarity aid and information center, claimed to be police, then smashed medical supplies and beat up 6 church workers.     Warsaw was quickly consumed by a firestorm of rumors that government factions opposed to the upcoming visit of Pope John Paul II were behind it all.

The Polish government and its Kremlin sponsors want very badly for the papal visit next month to go smoothly. If it does, it can help reduce tensions, improve relations between Poles and their government, and pave the way for better conditions overall in Poland. But the American-based Bolsheviks are determined to regain their lost power over Russia, and they are setting the stage for an attempt to twist the Pope's visit into a trigger for revolution ...the "Pope's Revolution."

The forces that control the military and foreign policies of the Reagan Administration are trying to put Poland to the sword as a tactic for power.     But as our Lord Jesus Christ taught long ago, those who live by the sword will die by the sword.     If the Pope's Revolution plot succeeds, the Coalinga earthquake suggests that the Kremlin is ready to retaliate by means of geophysical warfare.  Russia's rulers will have their hands full if revolution erupts in eastern Europe. . . but if they do, America's rulers may well have their own hands full with the largest earthquake disaster in American history.

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Peter Beter Interim Newsletter 3: EarthQuakes And The "Pope's Revolution Plot"
Peter Beter Interim Newsletter 3: EarthQuakes And The "Pope's Revolution Plot"

Peter Beter Interim News Alert 2: Accelerating Space Warfare

P. 0. Box 276 Savage, MD 20763
#2 - April 1983

IN THE TEXT BE LOW- - Background references to issues of the Dr.  Beter AUDIO LETTER are indicated by numbers in parentheses.    Example:    (#79) means AUDIO LETTER #79.

ACCELERATING SPACE WARFARE: Cosmos 1402 and the Space Shuttle Challenger's "TDRS" Satellite

President Reagan went on national TV on March 23 to build support for big increases in military spending.   To justify it, he proposed what many have called a "Star Wars" approach to missile defense, based in space. He claimed its purpose would be to prevent war.

Recently an officer of the U.S. Air Force Space Command was quoted as saying: "Space is literally a sanctuary for the Soviets, but it is not a sanctuary for us. "   (Aviation Week & Space Technology, 3/21/83)   And no wonder.    Russia was first with space-based beam weapons like those alluded to by Reagan, and used them to wipe out U. S. military control of space in a surprise offensive starting in Sept.  1977 (#26).

Dr. Beter reported 5 years ago this month (#33) that Russia had finished destroying all of America's spy and early warning satellites.  New rulers had taken over in Russia (#28), and they were unilaterally cancelling previous joint war plans between the U.S. and Russia's former Bolshevik rulers.

For the past 5 years the Kremlin has been in a position either to launch nuclear war almost without warning or to prevent such a war from erupting.     Up to now they have done the latter, most recently in September 1982 (#79).     But the jousting in space is increasing, as the U.S. tries to regain its former military power in space.

On 11/28/82 the U.S. Pacific weather satellite was knocked out as part of the campaign of Russian weather warfare (News Alert #l,,"March 1983).     One month later, the USAF Space Command retaliated against a Russian satellite--Cosmos 1402.

Cosmos 1402 was a manned cosmos interceptor, of the twin-lobed design which first became operational in September 1977 (#26). The American anti-satellite ("ASAT") weapon used against it officially is not due for flight testing for several more months     But on 12/28/82 the ASAT, a small 2-stage rocket, was mounted underneath an Air Force F-15 fighter at White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico. As Cosmos 1402 came over the hori­zon, the F-15 took off, accelerated to high speed, and then nosed up into a "zoom climb. " At high altitude the F-15 launched the ASAT rocket, which continued upward into space toward the low-orbiting Cosmos 1402.

The infrared-homing ASAT warhead homed in on the warmer of the two lobes--the nuclear-powered beam weapon unit--and blew it apart.     The crew, who were unhurt in their separate capsule, de-orbited 2 days later and returned to earth.

On Jan. 5 the Pentagon announced that Cosmos 1402, a nuclear-powered satellite, was in trouble and would soon crash to earth--just as Cosmos 954 (another battle-damaged cosmos interceptor: tape #30) had done 5 years earlier almost to the day. Two days later, NASA announced that the Space Shuttle Challenger would be delayed in its first flight due to alleged problems with the engines.     The delay was stretched out for over 2 months, until intelligence indicated that any retaliation by Russia would not be directed at the Space Shuttle.

Having acquired the ability to shoot down Russia's hovering cosmospheres (#72) and now also low-orbiting spacecraft, the Pentagon additionally wants to be able to blast Russian early-warning satellites. These are stationed about 22,300 miles above the equator where they can detect any launches of American ICBM's. The key to doing this was this month's cargo of the Space Shuttle Challenger: the now-famous Tracking Data and Relay Satellite (TDRS) and its rocket booster (called an "Inertial Upper Stage" or IUS).

The IUS rocket booster was fitted out with a cluster of small ASAT satellite-killer war­heads, similar to the one launched from an F-15 that shot down Cosmos 1402. Some of the booster's fuel was removed to make up for the extra weight of the ASATs. Then the booster was mated with the TDRS satellite, which was provided with over half a ton of extra fuel. Finally the whole assembly was concealed with a big wrapper to keep the ASATs from being seen on TV, after which it was loaded into Challenger's cargo bay.

On March 31, with the Shuttle launch countdown underway, the Air Force announced that all 650 of its F-15's were being grounded for a few days. It was a signal to Russia to say: "If you don't hit us, we won't hit you. "    Then on April 4 the Challenger roared into space.

On the morning of April 5 there was apparent panic in Houston. The TDRS satellite must be placed in geostationary orbit, over 22,300 miles above the equator, to do its job. . .but the IUS rocket booster had "malfunctioned, " they said. The satellite had detached from the booster, but both were in an egg-shaped orbit ranging from 13,540 to 21,950 miles high.

Then hoax-prone NASA pulled a rabbit out of its hat. The TDRS satellite is supposed to carry 200 pounds of fuel for small station-keeping jets to keep it positioned precisely in space for the next 10 years. But, said NASA, on this launch there just "happened" to be some 1300 pounds aboard--over 6 times the normal amount--and thanks to that stroke of "good luck, " the TDRS satellite should be able to creep up to its final orbit over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile the abandoned IUS rocket booster remains behind in that high, looping orbit. The USAF Space Command hopes it will just be ignored as a piece of space flotsam as it bobs up and down, periodically approaching Russia's early warning satellites at close range for months or even years to come. But if the Pentagon can again position itself to try a nuclear first strike against Russia (#79, #80), the ASATs aboard the abandoned booster will be ready. As the booster glides up toward the peak of an orbit over the Galapagos Islands, the small ASATs can be fired in sequence to reach and destroy the Russian early-warning satellites all at once.    With the Kremlin suddenly blinded and off guard for a few minutes, an all-out American nuclear first strike can then be launched at Russia.

President Reagan has regularly insisted that Russia's leaders "lie, " "cheat, " and are the "focus of evil in the world. " But what about lying on national TV that the U. S. would use space weapons only to prevent a nuclear war--and then launching an ASAT system that can be used only to start one?    What about cheating the American public with a great show of sup­posedly peaceful Space Shuttle missions that are actually preparing for war?    Is there no "focus of evil" in all this?

As our Lord Jesus Christ said to the hypocrites of His day:    "Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?"    Before we tell others to tidy up their houses, we had better clean up our own.

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Peter Beter Interim News Alert 2 (p1): Accelerating Space Warfare

Peter Beter Interim News Alert 2 (p2): Accelerating Space Warfare

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Peter Beter Interim News Alert 1: West Coast Weather Warfare

P. 0. Box 276 Savage. MD 20763


Work is progressing on the new Charter Edition REFERENCE DIGE5T--a unique reference source which will enable you quickly to look up crucial background on countless current and coming events as they develop.     We are trying to make it virtually an encyclopedia of ready-reference facts on the otherwise hidden underlying forces behind current events. We are not aware of any other reference source like it in the world.

For those who watch the news closely and refuse to be manipulated by it, we believe the REFERENCE DIGEST will be a real breakthrough. Thanks to the encouraging initial response, we are now able to offer an optional Budget Plan, which we hope will make the REFERENCE DIGEST accessible to more people.

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Publication of this major new reference work is now tentatively scheduled for early June 1983, slightly later than originally planned. We plan to follow soon afterward by inaugurating an entirely new service built around a periodic, printed report. Until then, we plan to release brief "News Alerts" like this one concerning events which appear to be moving too fast to wait for the new report series.

IN THE TEXT BELOW-- Background references to issues of the Dr.  Beter AUDIO LETTER are indicated by numbers in parentheses.     Example:    (#79) means AUDIO LETTER #79.


In his next-to-last tape (#79) last September 1982, Dr.  Beter reported that the Soviet Union was gearing up for a major campaign of weather warfare against the United States. Two major techniques were to be involved.     One was the technique by which huge artificial storms are generated at sea and guided to targets on land, first used in early 1980 (#54). By mid-1980, the magnitude of the storms which could be generated had grown to the level of full-fledged hurricanes, and the Russians were learning by trial and error how to guide them even in totally abnormal paths (#57). The other technique which was being activated as of last September was the newer "Siberia Express, " by which huge bodies of cold Arctic air can be transplanted to target areas in the United States or elsewhere (#71).

Events this winter have borne out the accuracy of Dr.  Beter"s warning last fall.     At the time of that report, a preparatory cool-down of North America was underway--and the West Coast had just been hit by one hurricane and was bracing for another.     Hurricanes are, of course, normally associated only with the East and Gulf Coasts, not the West.     To have two in a row in the west was abnormal in the extreme.

The artificial storm techniques revealed long ago by Dr. Beter (#54) leave a telltale aftereffect: huge areas of warmer-than-normal water in mid-ocean.     Sure enough, by mid-November 1982 there were little-noticed news reports of great "puddles" of abnormally warm water in the mid-Pacific west of the United States.

On November 24, Hurricane Iwa crashed into the Hawaiian island of Kauai, packing 100-mph winds.     By some estimates it was the worst hurricane to hit Hawaii in a century, leaving behind $100 million in damage as it pounded eastward toward the U. S. mainland.

Some 5 years ago, Dr. Beter reported in detail (#26, #33) that the Soviet Union had begun blinding America's military eyes in space by blasting our spy and early-warning satellites. Last November 28, the blinding extended for the first time to weather:  our Pacific weather satellite, orbiting at the same geostationary altitude as early-warning satellites, "failed. "

(Over to continue)

Two days later the storm slammed into the West Coast at just below hurricane strength, with little warning from the suddenly blinded National Weather Service.

As the decaying giant storm system continued inland, "Siberia Express" air was used--not for frigid temperatures--but to revitalize the storm.     The result: unseasonal tornadoes and the worst December floods in history in the Mississippi Valley.     But the main focus was and is the West Coast.     And the worst could be yet to come.

In the spring of 1977 Dr.  Beter began reporting (#23) the planting of Soviet underwater nuclear mines in reservoirs where they can destroy dams on remote command.    This would be most effective with reservoirs brimful, as they are now.    The cause could be disguised by flash floods from melting of overburdened snowpacks or by an artificial earthquake (#24).

It is not yet clear whether these options which have been readied by the Soviet Union are for intimidation or actual use in the near future.     Either way, they are a response to the war intrigues by the expelled Bolsheviks from Russia who now dominate America's military (#79)-     Meanwhile, what is our own government doing about this threat to public safety?

On March 8 President Reagan redoubled the kind of war talk which, with the war prepara­tions that back it up, have led to this winter's devastating weatherwar by Russia. He tickled the ears of a meeting of churchmen with some pious-sounding platitudes and then urged them to preach the Administration's pro-nuclear weapons line from their pulpits. Rev. Jerry Falwell promptly parroted this line, quoting Jesus' beatitude "blessed are the peacemakers" as his reason why weapons which can destroy the earth should not be frozen.

The Lord Jesus Christ told us that "the tree is known by its fruit. "    Whatever we may think about Russia's new leaders and their actions, they are not our responsibility: our own leaders are.     And they are not reducing the danger of war, but increasing it.     Until that "fruit" is replaced by something better, we must not be taken in by mere words.

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Peter Beter Interim News Alert 1: West Coast Weather Warfare